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We decides about the quality of our products !

Wolf’s Mountain is a family business that has been involved in the pet food world for many years. Our goal & ambition is to give dogs the nutrients they received when they were hunters thousands of years ago.

We do not follow any marketing or profitability guidelines. We keep close to nature’s requirements and provide authentic nutrition for lifelong canine health.

Really ?
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A brand born of a passion

Olivier Schimpf is the founder of the brand. A breeder with a passion for purebred Siberian Huskies with an international reputation. With his dogs, he has achieved incredible results for over 15 years.

More than 200 championship titles, including International, World and European champions. Elected as “Breeder of the year 2008” by the American magazine “Siberian USA”.

Since 2009 Olivier is undertaking new projects such as unattended sledding expeditions in the northern hemisphere; who better than him could understand the dietary needs of our dogs!

Wolf’s Mountain cares about epigenetics

We select quality ingredients to ensure the long-term well-being of our pets

External parameters related to the animal’s environment and the influences of petrochemical elements change and may modify the animal’s genetic pool.

This is why we are aware of the many current pathologies in our pets due to inadequate animal feed.

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Preserving the health of our pets

The production of Wolf’s Mountain dog food has been certified with the IFS – International Food Standard, one of the most important and most widely recognized certificates in the food-processing industry. We also employ the HACCP system and are under continuous supervision by the control authorities of the EU.


Technology and security

We use only the highest quality ingredients and all products are subject to regular quality controls. All incoming raw materials are inspected and tested by our laboratory.
We work in a closed environment for the preservation and the security of all our food products.

Water analysis

We are aware of the presence of petrochemical trace elements in water, that is why at Wolf’s Mountain we use only natural mountain water which is controlled and approved.

Pesticides and mycotoxins

Our products are tested by an independent laboratory which certifies that Wolf’s Mountain food carries no risk of containing pesticides and mycotoxins.

About Mycotoxin

An example of contaminants that may sicken our best friends is mycotoxins. These are naturally occurring toxins produced by molds. Mycotoxins can be associated with many plant products as a result of toxigenic molds growing on them.

Global survey

Alltech carried out a survey
tests run
for more than 37 individual mycotoxins
samples of petfood
from +80 countries around the world
with mycotoxins
with multiple strains
with DON* & Fumonisins

* Type B Trichotecenes = Deoxynivalenol (DON) + 15-acetyl DON + 3-acetyl DON + Fusarenon X + Nivalenol + DON-3-Glucoside

About Wolf’s Mountain results?

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